Foods to Avoid 

Non-GMO verified – everything you need to know about GMO and what foods to look for 

Foods to Enjoy 

Safe Catch – low mercury tuna in BPA free cans – 

*Frozen Organic Wheat Grass Juice delivered to your door 

Bulletproof Coffee 

Alkal-life Water Ionizer 

My Fitness Pal App for counting your fats, protein and carbs daily – 

At Home Work Out

Working out without going out

Environmental Working Group 

Know your environment 

Environmental Toxins: 

Organic lawn care and pest control: 

EMF Protection: 

Cell Phone Neutralizer + Whole House Plug 

Mold information from EPA and CDC: 

Lotions and Potions – Avoid products that contain Xeno estrogens 

Squatty Potty 

Enema Kits 

*Bio Mat 

Cleanse Kits

  • Liver 
  • Parasites 
  • Yeast/Candida 
  • Digestive 

Heart Math Institute

They have Apps and tools to monitor your Heart Rate Variability 

Earthing sheets and products: 

Saliva Hormone Testing – Directlabs 


Amazing books:

  • • You can Heal Your life – Louise Hay 
  • • The Tapping Solution – Nick Ortner 
  • • The Biology of Belief – Bruce Lipton Ph.D. 
  • • Be Happy – Robert Holden 
  • • Shift Happens – Robert Holden 

Guided Meditation App 

App omvana 

Smoking Teeth

You Tube Video that demonstrates the mercury vapor coming off an amalgam: 

Mercury Free dentists: 

Campaign for Mercury free Dentistry – Great web site of information: 

Metal Detox 

Natural Medicine: 

National Library of Medicine – 


Lab work

if you do not have a doctor that can write prescriptions for you, this lab page will. 

  • • CA -cancer antigen 
  • • CA 15 – 3 Breast Cancer 
  • • CA 27.29 Breast Care 

Cancer Profile through American Metabolic labs 

Liquid Biopsy 

Ivy Gene Labs: 

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