“Naturopathy is a philosophy which encompasses a view of life, a model for living a full life. The word naturopathy is a Latin-Greek hybrid which can be defined as ‘being close to or benefiting from nature.’” — Stewart Mitchell, Naturopathy: Understanding the Healing Power of Nature.



Naturopathic Medicine is a holistic approach to health care that emphasizes the use of non-invasive, non-toxic health options.

Naturopathic practitioners focus on disease prevention and client education, which empowers individuals to embrace healthy habits of lifestyle, diet, and outlook that enable the body to heal itself naturally; and we are able to do this using the following guiding principles.


What does a Naturopath Do?

Naturopath job is to use several approaches/techniques to help their clients attain optimal health.  Some of the approaches/techniques include, but are not limited to:

  • Practitioner-guided detoxification
  • Dietary and lifestyle changes
  • Herbs, homeopathy and other dietary supplements
  • Stress reduction
  • Exercise
  • Manipulative therapy
  • Non-invasive therapies

The aim of a Naturopath is to educate, empower and motivate their clients to assume personal responsibility over their own health and well-being by implementing a healthy det and lifestyle.



Why is Naturopathic Care Right for Me?

Naturopathy is an approach to healing that examines the entire person, seeks to correct imbalances holistically, and customizes a wellness plan for each client.  Some of the many benefits of Naturopathy include:

A Focus on Prevention

Naturopathy emphasizes health and wellness, not just the education of imbalances responsible for diseases.  You’ll receive education in lifestyle and diet choices that fundamentally influence your health.

A Holistic Approach to Healing

By addressing underlying root cause of illness, including all those related to the body, mind and spirit, you will learn to identify and address all aspects of your health so that you may live in harmony and peace.

A Safe Way to Address Illness

Naturopathic techniques are non-invasive and non-toxic.  You’ll have no concerns about drug interactions, overdoses, and other adverse side effects that are common with other types of medical treatments.

Use of Trusted Practices

Many of the protocols used in naturopathy have been extensively evaluated by medical research.

Also, naturopathic techniques have time-honored acceptance in the healthcare community as being beneficial to overall health.

Our Objective in the office is the prevention of “disease” and the attainment of optimal health.

Prevention should start at conception and continue through life by eating real foods, drinking plenty of clean water, avoiding exposure to chemicals like pesticides and food additives, and toxic metals like mercury or aluminum.  High quality natural supplements should also be taken as needed.


Health Issues that Our Naturopath can help you with. 

If you are experiencing any of these Concerns… Please give us a call.




Our process during your consultation:

  1. Identify the underlying cause of any ailments, through carefully selected non-invasive assessments.
  2. To understand the real reason behind why you feel the way you feel, so that you can take control of your health.
  3. Identify which nutrients your body needs to recover from any imbalances and for on-going optimal health and wellness.
  4. To create a long-term health regime that will help you overcome any individual health issues, optimize digestion, support normal sleep, balance your mood, energize your body and mind, and improve your quality of life.

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