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You are a stressed out working woman suffering with hormone imbalances, which may affect your sleep, energy level, mental health, menstrual cycle, digestion, breast health, weight and much more.

You found a new breast lump, have breast pain, one of your breast is larger than the other (which is a new thing for you), or you have been diagnosed with some form of breast Dis-Ease and you are terrified and need some help NOW!

You need to have your breast screened, but would prefer not to have your breast squished by a 50 lb. plate,  and would prefer a safer more predictive screening going forward.

You are a man or a woman wanting to restore your health and would like to feel young again using holistic modalities.

If any of these describes you, you’re in the right place.

We utilize an integrative and holistic approach to natural care with an emphasis on identifying toxicity and nutritional deficiencies in order to balance your health.

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15 Common Health & Wellness Myths

  • I want to get healthy, but it’s really hard and requires too much sacrifice.

  • The best I can hope for is to feel a little better.

  • I should trust conventional medicine because that’s the model most people follow.

  • It’s too expensive to invest in health.  It’s a luxury

  • The best I can ask for is to feel “okay”

  • I can heal myself by getting free information on Google.

  • I am paying you to make my pain go away.  As the expert, you are responsible for my pain, not me.

  • It’s too much work to take care of my health.  I don’t have time to do it.

  • My needs come second to everyone else.  That’s what it means to be a good person.

  • I have tried to get healthy before and failed.  Because of that, it’s hopeless.

  • I have tried different things and they didn’t work, so there is no hope for my situation.

  • Stress is a given.  It’s a stressful world out there and that’s just the way it is.

  • I was told by my Dr. I would have this condition forever, so there is nothing that can be done about it.

  • My doctor cannot give me a proper diagnosis, so my situation is “incurable.”

  • Once my symptoms are reduced, I’m good to go and don’t need anything else.

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Deika King Naturopathic Doctor Houston

About Deika King, TND, MH, CCT, PSc.D

Deika King is NOT a medical doctor, she is a Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy, an Integrative Cancer Educator, Clinical Thermographer, Master Herbalist, Holistic Cancer Coach, and a Registered Natural Health Practitioner.  She specializes in women’s health with a focus on breast health and health restoration.  She has helped women overcome breast health concerns and overall health challenges and has helped them to achieve their wellness goals by creating individualized strategies that address their core health concerns


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