Our Process

Our Process - Deika King NaturopathWhat to Expect

Expect it to take time.

Your first appointment may take 60-90 minutes.  We will need this much time because we want to hear everything that is going on with you, your family, your work, your past, and we need to listen to the way your issues are affecting your life.  Because we know it takes time, our consultation will be comfortable.

​Expect it to be detailed.

We are going to ask you questions about your poop, your sleep, your mood.  About your mother’s illnesses.  About what you eat for breakfast.  About your sex life, vaccines, where you have lived in the past.  I can’t remember taking an intake where my clients didn’t say “No one has ever asked me that before!”  These details are important for the sake of gauging how you function as a person, what roadblocks you may have against you in your recovery to wellness.  Please know that your sessions are private and confidential.

Expect an Assessment to include, yeast/fungus, pH, body markers, muscle testing, etc.

There’s lots that my hands and eyes can tell that you might not be able to verbalize.  I often hear from my clients “my Doctor never did that” and honestly, that’s because of their limited time.  I have time to do a good assessment, and we can avoid unnecessary lab test because of it.  You also have the right to say no to anything that I decide to do.  You are the client and you have worth and knowledge and you are allowed to say no to me at any time.

Expect our office to care.

I love my clients and I want them to know that they are safe.  We welcome all faiths, races, classes, genders, and orientations.  Humans are beautiful and complicated, and they may have different traditions and cultures, and expectations.  We all benefit from treating each other kindly.  If we do something that makes you uncomfortable, please let us know so that we can address it.

Expect our program of care to be a little more involved because we only offer natural options.

Natural methods do take time and effort on your part than just taking a pill daily.  Natural options require commitment from you.  You are likely not used to the flavors of herbs.  Don’t worry, you’ll get used to them.  The important thing is that you take the correct dose.  You may be required to do 3-5 things to start.  We like meeting our clients where they are in their journey to better health.  But we know that you are the key to your own health, so we need you to be involved and committed.  If a plan doesn’t work for you, don’t worry.  Come in and we’ll figure out something that works better.

​Additionally …

  • ​We encourage thermography clients to commit to their 1st and 3-month baseline for greater outcome.  Since the average cancer cell proliferates every 90 days, it is essential in order to rule out any new growth and it is difficult to do without a comparative scan.
  • We encourage our Naturopathic consults, to commit to 3 visits after their initial appointment.  You will be asked to return 2 to 4 weeks after your first visit based on your personalized plan, to evaluate progress, assess the effectiveness of your plan and products and to discuss expectations in the coming months.
  • Because we only recommend high quality products only sold to practitioners, it is important to monitor how you react to the products in order to make adjustment accordingly.  It also allows us to monitor the efficacy and effectiveness intended for each client.​

What We Need from You for Your First Consultation

1. Complete your Intake Form prior to appointment and get it to us either via email or fax (48 hrs. prior for naturopathic consultations)

​2. Send us copies of any lab work you have had within the last year and a list of medications or supplements you are currently taking.

​3. Keep a diet diary for 2 days prior to having to submit your intake form (send together).